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We want our gym to be a space for healthy movement of all kinds, for all kinds of people!  More than just exercise, we offer classes that are designed to fit into your lifestyle. Our trainers are here to help guide you through every step of your workout routine. Stop by Climb Time Oakley today and take a class with us! 


Top Rope & Lead
Belay Certification

If you wish to learn these skills, please speak with our staff to arrange an instructional class where you will learn how to top rope belay. A climbing coach will teach you the basics to belaying, including tying a figure 8 knot, tying into your harness, and belaying using an ATC.

Once you complete our course, you can test out and become top rope certified at Climb Time!

  • $35 for a 1 hour session

  • $70 for the top rope class + a 2 week membership (includes rental gear).

If you are a proficient top-rope or lead belayer, we can test you at no charge.

Note: For lead belay testing, please bring in your own 40-70m rope, belay device, harness, etc.


You do not need to schedule ahead for the test outs!

Belay Certification

Competitive Youth Team

Our youth competitive team will serve those who are seeking vast growth in their climbing abilities and problem solving skills. During the practices, we tackle everything from technique and tactics to strength and mindset training. Our team is founded on respect for oneself and others and we strive to prepare each child to represent that message to the climbing community.

The team trains at both Climb Time gyms. Bouldering season training is at Blue Ash in the Fall/Winter and rope climbing season is at Oakley in Winter/Spring. 

Ages 6-17

When: Mondays and Thursdays

Time: 5:30-7:30P

Cost: $225/mth dual gym membership

Competitive Youth Climbing

Youth Foundations Team

Development of the climber is the focus of the Foundations Team. Coaches work on developing good technique and strength combined with efficient movement. We will need climbers of all skill levels, and we will need parents and kids to commit to attending at least three out of the four monthly practices. We want to create an experience that will lead to a lifetime of passion filled climbing, while fostering the competitive spirit for those athletes who want to take the sport to the next level. Kids will learn the importance of teamwork and be given the opportunity to form wonderful lasting friendships. Coaches will focus on the physical components that the sport demands alongside the growth of the mental aspects. The athletes will benefit from increased self confidence that results from overcoming fears, learning to problem solve, and achieving personal goals!

The Foundations Team is open to climbers ages 6-17. 


  • $164, covers monthly membership and team practices, gear is not included.

  • $184, covers monthly membership and team practices, includes gear rental.

Please sign up in person at Climb Time Oakley, or contact the gym at 513-818-8017!

Climbing Clinics
& Coaching

2 Day Lead Clinics: $165

3 Day Gym to Crag Clinics: $245

1 Hour Personal Coaching Sessions: $60

Semi-private (2 or more people): $40

  • Gear Included

  • Must be prepaid at least a week ahead

Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions: $220

  • Gear Included

  • Four (4) 1 hour lessons

  • Must schedule same day and time for 4 consecutive weeks

Call the gym at 513-818-8017 or stop by our front desk for more information!


Bouldering Leagues

There's nothing quite like bouldering league. Join a team, climb together and enjoy camaraderie, self-improvement and friendly competition.


Sign up with a team of 4 (each team must comprise of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced climbers) -OR- as an individual. Individuals will be placed into teams of 4.


Every Tuesday* from Oct 24th - Dec 12th

6-8:00 pm

Cost: $35 for Individuals


*The league will rotate between CTBA and CTO with weekly scores being posted on IG @climbetimeo. The first two events will be held at Oakley.


Sign up at Climb Time Oakley or call 513-818-8017 to register.

Corporate Team Building

Looking for a team building activity that's goal-oriented, requires cooperation, trust, and good communication skills? Ask about our Corporate Team Building sessions!

Each session will provide a chance to discover how your staff works together and how individuals deal with physical challenges that require mental solutions. 

Your team will learn many lessons that can carry over to the workplace and they'll have fun doing it! It's a win-win.

Sessions are 2-3 hours

$500 for the first 10 sessions, $50 for each additional

All gear and hired staff belayers included in cost.

Kickboxing photo for web.jpg

Cardio Kickboxing

Come out and get one of the best cardio workouts you can give to your body. 

Non-Members: $21 per person

Members: FREE

Yoga at Climb Time

Give yourself the gift of feeling good. Move mindfully, and improve your strength, flexibility and balance with our yoga classes for all levels. Feel your strength. See what you're capable of. Check out our yoga class offerings below.

You will need to call in or sign-up at the front desk to reserve a spot. No walk-ins on these classes.

Cost: $21 per person.

Includes day pass to climb.


Limited spots available.

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