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Please complete our waiver.

First Time Visitors

First time participants will need to fill out facility waivers. Waivers must be completed by parent(s)/legal guardians for any individual under the age of 18. After a staff member verifies the waiver, you will be given a gym orientation and a tour of the facility.


On the facility tour, our staff will explain our safety regulations and proper gym etiquette. We will explain the 4 types of climbing available: bouldering, auto-belays, top-rope, and lead climbing. During the orientation, staff will go over the bouldering rules, the importance of down-climbing, and the grading scale (tags). Climbers age 13 yrs and older will be shown how to properly operate the auto-belays and the roped climbing scale will be explained. You must be at least 13 yrs old to boulder on the upstairs mezzanine and to be dropped off without adult supervision. Prior to climbing, all participants 13 yrs old and over/parents must sign off on the "orientation log". If you are a proficient top-rope or lead belayer, we can test you at no charge. If you wish to learn these skills, please speak with staff to arrange the instructional class.

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